Help Feed Families – Ukraine

Can you imagine having to suddenly gather your children and then fleeing for your lives, bringing only what you can carry in a suitcase or two as you leave your home and everything else behind? We’re seeing this happen right now to countless families all across Ukraine. I invite you to join with me in […]

Helping the “Least of These” – United States

If you have been downtown in any large city you have seen them. The overlooked. The excluded. The ignored. Often you find these individuals in the run-down parts of town. People struggling with poverty. Homeless men and women. Those tangled in addiction. Those tormented by mental illness. The disabled, the lonely, the victimized, and the vulnerable. Veterans, runaways, and refugees from other lands.

Teachers Receive Support – United States

Recently I learned that it is very common for teachers in poorer school districts to spend significant amounts of their own money to provide the students in their classrooms with basic school supplies that their low-income families simply cannot afford

Hope after a Super Cyclone – Bangladesh/India

It was heartbreaking last year when the huge Super Cyclonic Storm, Amphan, hit West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh—one of the poorest and most densely populated areas in the world—destroying over 8,500 square miles of land and devastating the lives of millions of people.

Hospital Outreach – United States

Think for a moment about the greatest need you have. Express your concerns to Jesus and invite Him to share His wisdom and guidance related to this need. As we begin to encounter the genuine love of God through these needs in our own lives, we find that God’s love overflows, and encourages us to love […]

Providing Relief after Catastrophic Explosion – Lebanon

In 2020, a catastrophic explosion shattered Beirut, Lebanon, killing over 200, wounding 6,500 and displacing over 300,000 people.  Amplified by COVID-19 and political and economic chaos, the blast shook the city and nation to its core.  But, Living Genuine Love was able to help by partnering with organizations in that area to help people like Blanche and George.

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