Tapas With Jesus: Opposites

Hey hey! Welcome back to my channel! As we continue my series, Tapas With Jesus, We will be talking about how the love of Jesus is so unconditional, that his mercy remains even to the ones who do the opposite to his will.

Lessons from the Road

I recently traveled to Ghana for my work with Saving Moses, and this was my first time to travel internationally since January 2020 because of all the Covid restrictions.  Needless to say, it was a very different experience than all my pre-Covid travels.  Here are some things I learned from my recent trip.

The Team Thing

Hello from Ghana, Africa!  This week, I have the great privilege of getting to do international travel, and I’m in Ghana, which is in Equatorial Africa, kind of near Nigeria.  This is a Saving Moses trip, and we’re exploring what opportunities might be available for us to do some work here.  While I love getting to explore a new culture, I’m keenly aware that teamwork is an essential ingredient to accomplishing anything significant beyond my talents and abilities. 

Tapas With Jesus: Reverent

Hey hey! Welcome to my new series, Tapas With Jesus! In this episode, I’ll be speaking on how commandments differ from tradition with connections to Jesus’ connection to the religious leaders.

Appetizers and Entrées

What’s your favorite food?  Do you prefer sweet or savory?  When you get a chance to eat your favorite food, do you eat lots of it, like eating a full entrée?  For myself, when I find some tasty food, I like to eat a lot of it!  I think life can sometimes be like this:  we acquire lots of what we like, minimize what’s unpleasant to us and sometimes overdo what we prefer. 

Holy Spirit as a Person

Start your Sundays with Sarah as she continues her series called Short Sunday Sermons! These will be short inspiring nuggets cut from Sarah’s sermons!

Table Talk with Jesus: Breakfast Dates

Holy Buckets! we are on the last episode of my series “Table Talk With Jesus”. Join me as I talk about love being the central discussion with connections to a conversation between Jesus and Peter.

Thermometer or Thermostat?

What’s the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat?  I never really grasped the importance of these unique instruments until I made a really big mistake.  When I was first married, we lived in Kansas City. In January, we took a trip to Florida, and being a frugal person, I turned the thermostat to “off” so that we’d save money on heating while we were gone for a week.  Upon returning to our house, I observed the important difference between the thermometer, which had been well below freezing for several days, and the thermostat, which regulated the temperature in the house.  This lesson became massively expensive because the pipes in our house froze and broke. When we turned up the thermostat, the water in the broken pipes unthawed and began to pour out of the broken pipes, and we had lots of damage to the drywall, carpet, cabinets, etc. 

Table Talk with Jesus: Ultimate Sacrifice

Hey! Come join me as continue my series on “Table Talk With Jesus”. I will be talking about the ultimate sacrifice in our lives, most of which Jesus has done for us.

Reverent’s Conversations

Start your Sundays with Sarah as she continues her series called Short Sunday Sermons! These will be short inspiring nuggets cut from Sarah’s sermons!

Tares, Terrors and Tears

These three words, tares, terrors and tears, all sound the same and have some interesting commonalities.  We have all had tears in our clothing, ripped jeans, or holes in our socks.  And we have also experienced terror in our lives from something very scary.  In relation to tares, this is the word that Jesus uses in one of His parables to identify a weed that was masquerading as wheat. 

Fear Factor

I think that all of us have varying base levels of fear in our lives, and some of us are more prone to fear than others.  To be sure, I think it’s good to have a little bit of basic fear so that we have a reasonable perspective on the frail nature of our existence and the reality that we are not bullet-proof.   As an example, based on the concussion that I had from snowboarding some years ago, I now have a healthy outlook that I’m not invincible.  Having some fear related to my physical frailty isn’t a bad thing for me as I’m now in my early 50’s.  And it’s also good to have the fear of the Lord which is spoken about a lot in Proverbs.

Table Talk with Jesus: Come and Dine

Thanks for checking out my newest series “Table Talk with Jesus”! Today I’ll be teaching on Matt 22:1-14 and the importance of having room for anyone and every one at your table!

Jesus’s Relationship With You

Start your Sundays with Sarah as she continues her series called Short Sunday Sermons! These will be short inspiring nuggets cut from Sarah’s sermons!

Are You Comfortable?

hummingbird feeders to make it all the more pleasant. My porch can be a wonderful oasis resting place for me, but there’s also a downside. Sometimes, I can sit on my porch and get so comfortable that I don’t clean my house as well as I should. Or I can enjoy my porch for too long and do a dinner scramble which can be less than tasty. 

Room at the Table

I’ve thought about this phrase, “room at the table,” in relation to making space for people to enjoy the banqueting table that God sets for us. This reminds me of Jesus’ parable about the wedding feast and inviting people from all walks of life to come to His feast, in Matthew 22 and Luke 14:7-14. In these verses, we read that the invited guests didn’t come to the feast, so the master of the feast told his servants to go out and invite anyone and everyone who would come. There’s plenty of room at the table.